Which Electric Range Is Right For You?

If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen, you are probably thinking about investing in a new range. Electric ranges are popular among homeowners because they offer an affordable and easy way to prepare food.

There are three unique types of electric ranges to choose from, so give careful thought to the range style that will be the right fit for your family before you invest in any new kitchen appliances.

Coil-Top Range

Coil-top ranges are the most affordable type of electric range available on the consumer market. These ranges have an exposed heating element, and you place your pans directly on this heating element when preparing food.

Although coil-top ranges are very affordable, they can provide uneven heating and take some time for each burner to heat and cool. If you are looking for a new range on a budget, then a coil-top model might be your best option.

Smooth-Top Range

Another popular type of electric range is the smooth-top range. This range features either solid disks or radiant heating elements that are located beneath a solid piece of ceramic. Having a one-piece ceramic surface makes it incredibly easy to clean up after making a meal.

Smooth-top ranges can also maximize the safety of your kitchen. An indicator light is illuminated whenever the ceramic cooking surface is hot—whether the heating elements are turned on or not. This will prevent anyone from accidentally touching a hot cooking surface as it cools.

Induction-Top Range

The safest and most reliable type of electric range available is the induction-top range. These unique ranges don't rely on a heating element to help you prepare food. Instead, they utilize magnets to turn compatible cookware into a heating source.

Any pan that is magnetic can be placed onto the induction cooktop, and a magnet will cause the temperature of the pan to increase. Despite the fact that the pan gets hot enough to sear meats and fry vegetables, the cooktop itself remains cool to the touch.

Induction-top ranges are an energy-efficient option, since nearly all of the energy they generate is actually used to cook food instead of being lost in the environment.

You have a few different options available to you when it comes to investing in a new electric range. Visit a kitchen appliance retailer in your area to discuss how each type of range could benefit your family in the future.